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Usability Audit

If you are concerned about how long visitors stay on your website and the path they take through your content, then you will benefit from this service. We use the latest technology to gather as much data as possible on how visitors act on your website. Then our experts look through everything to find patterns to determine solutions. 

We will also help you develop a strategy on how to create path through your website to encourage your visitors to engage the way you want.

Here is what you will get starting at $799.

100 screen recordings of actual users

Heat maps on core pages

Conversion funnels

Form Analysis

Usability summary & improvements list

Here is what we will analyze:

  • Pages visited
  • Types of devices & operating systems
  • Links clicked
  • Audience location
  • Length of visit
Usability Testing

Visitor Recordings

We will capture real recordings of visitors coming to your site and capture heat signatures based off of how long their cursor stays in one place. We will be able to identify clicks, taps, and how far down the page they traveled. This information is powerful because it immediately helps us form a plan on how to improve usability.

Conversion Funnels

Your website should be all about conversion, no matter what your business is. So after our audit you will be equipped to team with us to create a conversion funnel. Basically an experience for your visitors that bring them closer to the engagement you want.

conversion funnel
website form optimization

Form Analysis

Form completion is so important in generating real leads for business. We can help you increase online form completion rates through auditing user activity. We will be able to key in on when visitors give up on completing the form and find clues as to why they don't finish the work.

Usability Summary &
Improvements List

After we go through the process of auditing the usability of your website you are going to want a summary of what we discovered and list of improvements that can be made. These two items will lead your website into a space of better usability and provide a great experience for your visitors.


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