We're a team of strategists, designers,
problem-solvers & magic-makers

Our B2B marketing company is a myriad team of thinkers & doers, primed and ready to perform a wide array of functions for a diverse clientele. It's a collection of strategic creatives that customize and execute technology, design, copywriting, marketing, and other services for businesses of all shapes and sizes & across all marketplaces.


WE•DO is a creative agency that specializes in strategic planning, branding, design & development, digital marketing, and growth driven design services. What sets us apart from other agencies is that ours is strongly defined by our values. We value human relationships above all and want to work with companies that feel like we do. For us, collaboration is key. And because we see our clients as teammates--people we work with, not for--we're able to provide them with the best solutions for their problems & turn their ideas into reality.


So what is a B2B marketing company? It's us. With our combination of skillsets, expertise, and backgrounds, we can do it all.


Mike McKearin

Founder & Creative Director

Mike is an experienced brand strategist, & defines the artistic direction for projects. Providing effective and intelligent solutions, Mike focuses on human-centered design.


Ryan Fogarty

Project Manager & Strategist

Ryan is trained in efficiency methods and works to delegate the appropriate resources for specific projects. Working with the customer, he provides detailed coordination of project timelines, goals, and deliverables.


Sadie Bowen

UI/UX Designer & Photographer

Creating clean, user-oriented experiences and interfaces, Sadie helps implement branding at the user-level. Utilizing her user-focused perspective, she creates design tailored for the client, the brand, and the audience.


Shannon Zaragoza

Creative Specialist & Web Builder

Shannon specializes in all manners of visuals, web designs, print materials, & content creation. With a background in fine art, she is an expert in visual communication.


Heather Grant

SEO Analyst & Copywriter
Heather specializes in increasing website findability. Digging into client and competitor sites, she identifies and monitors keywords, implements optimized metadata, and helps create and refine on-page and in-article copy.


Irfan Ahmed

Full Stack Developer

Irfan makes the magic happen on the front and backend of our development projects. His broad skillsets in all layers of computer software development have been accumulated over a decade as a full stack developer.


Craig Pierce

Sales & Client Relations

Craig is an experienced executive with a career focused on strategic and direct marketing, business development, operations, and team development. Craig has the unique ability to identify new market opportunities and establish & strengthen business partnerships.


Sean Sutton


As a mobile-first front-end developer, Sean specializes in adding style and functionality. From design inception to completion, Sean enjoys problem-solving to ensure an incredible user experience.

Interested in Joining our Team?

We're not hiring at the moment, but we encourage you to send us your resume & portfolio.