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Five Minute Friday: Creating Video Content for Your Business

By WE•DO / October 27th, 2020 /

When it comes to creating video content for your business, there are three options to choose from to get started. In this Five Minute Friday video, Taylor, the video producer at WE•DO, gives the pros and cons of each option. 1) Hire a freelance videographer. The pros to this are the flexibility — you can…

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How to Choose a Growth Marketing Strategy That Fits Your Needs

By WE•DO / October 5th, 2020 /

Many companies struggle to get their marketing off the ground because they simply don’t know where to start. With so many options out there, it can feel confusing to know which strategy fits your company’s needs the best.  One of the ways you can avoid this is by always first identifying your short vs. long-term…

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Grow Your Business While You Sleep With Growth Marketing as a Service

By WE•DO / September 30th, 2020 /

If you’re a small-to-medium-sized business, it’s a challenge creating and implementing all the aspects of a marketing campaign. You’re stretched to your limits by the day-to-day operations of running your business, and you just don’t have the capital to invest in a team dedicated solely to marketing. How can you create flexible and adaptive marketing…

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Marketing Automation WE DO Worldwide

4 Easy Ways to Boost Your Sales with Marketing Automation

By WE•DO / September 29th, 2020 /

Ever wish you could multiply yourself with the tap of a wand, just to keep up with all the stuff you need to get done in a day? As a business owner, you already have enough on your plate. That’s why you need a marketing strategy that is easy and effective because let’s face it,…

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Using SEO for Your Company’s Short and Long-Term Growth

By WE•DO / September 28th, 2020 /

It’s no surprise that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps customers find your brand more easily online. It boosts your website’s overall traffic, ultimately generating more leads and sales. While its true SEO is more of a long-term growth strategy, it still works hand-in-hand with your short-term growth marketing strategies. Here’s how: Let’s say you’re a…

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High Tempo Testing: Collaboration + Action = The Formula for Growth

By WE•DO / September 22nd, 2020 /

At WE·DO, collaboration + action are the two founding principles behind everything “we do” for our clients. Our process of high tempo testing for growth fits right in when helping your business achieve its goals.  If you’re not familiar with high tempo testing, here’s what it means, in a nutshell. High tempo testing is the…

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What Marketing Automation Is & What It Can Do For Your Business

By WE•DO / September 17th, 2020 /

Here’s something we all know: marketing matters.  How and when you reach out to particular customers can make or break your sales goals and determine your growth.  The modern marketing landscape is constantly evolving, and with it, customers’ expectations. Now more than ever, customers are responding to personalized marketing that creates connection to ideas and…

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If You Want Your Website to Resonate, You’ve GOT to Do These Six Things

By WE•DO / September 14th, 2020 /

Psst: We need to talk about your website.   You know you need one and it needs to work well. After all, it’s your calling card, place of business, and customer entry point all wrapped in one! Your customers need to be able to find you, clearly understand what your business is and does, and…

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Put Your Customer Personas to Work with Marketing Automation

By WE•DO / September 10th, 2020 /

Successful marketing is people-focused.  Sure, you want to make a sale, but ultimately, you want to serve people by helping them solve a problem—their problem. When companies hammer out marketing without first considering their customers’ unique perspectives and needs, their efforts fall flat and the opportunity for real engagement is lost.  Customer personas can help you…

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3 Things You Should Do Before You Spend A Penny On A Website

By WE•DO / June 2nd, 2020 /

Your website is a valuable marketing tool. It’s your calling card, place of business, and customer entry point, all wrapped in one. But before you drop a lot of cash on it, consider what you want to accomplish. In this One Minute Marketing Tip, WE DO Partner and Creative Director, Mike McKearin tells you the…

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