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Business By Design Ebook

Process Improvement for Everyone

business by design ebook

Process Improvement Key Features

  • Introduction to some basic lean manufacturing tools
  • Understand the contrast between value and waste
  • Identify deadly waste in your own business
  • Tons of worksheets to use during a kaizen

Free Process Improvement Workbook

We're on a relentless path to find ways to improve on our own tools. Our Business By Design ebook is the workbook we currently use in kaizen workshops with clients. You can expect to get a perspective of our view on strategic planning and process improvement while learning how to use some basic tools from the lean manufacturing playbook. Of course, we put a new spin on each tool to engage new generations of problem solvers.


So fill out the form, get the free ebook, and try it out. We'd love to hear your feedback and see how it worked for you. Also, the workbook is ready for print if you plan to do this with your team.

Business By Design