Why Values Matter

At WE•DO, our business core values drive our actions. They form our agency's belief system and thereby the foundation of our process. Five core values--way mo' basic, collaboration & action, keep it real, never stop learning, and people over profits--saturate everything we do. You'll discover this when you choose to partner with us.


Webster defines "values" as relative worth, utility, or importance. Values live at our core as human beings and become the instincts by which our decisions and responses are determined. Your values matter to us because they are important to you. For that reason alone, we've incorporated human-centered design into our process. We work so that your individual values, your team's values, and your business core values inform everything we accomplish together.


All of our projects begin with a Discovery Session. Immersing our team in your project from the start helps to eliminate questions and surprises later on. In discovery, we'll identify your values, your vision, your position in the marketplace, and the promise you make to your customers. Your values, vision, position, and promise will inform and define our strategy moving forward.


Review our list of values now to get to know our team and how we work.

The List

  • 1. Way Mo' Basic

    We love to reduce complexity and believe the best things in life are simple.

  • 2. Collaboration & Action

    This is all about maintaining a unified attitude and approach to work. We essentially integrate with your team.

  • 3. Keep it Real

    Our work is tied to real value and therefore reality. We measure value upfront and do that by understanding your customer first.

  • 4. Never Stop Learning

    Continuous improvement is driven by everyday learning and discovery. This keeps us relevant and on top of new trends in the marketplace.

  • 5. People Over Profits

    Relationship with people means so much more to us than making a buck. It's about valuing each member of your team.