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Consider Us Part of the Team

What makes our services stand out from the crowd? It starts with the fact that we're a fun, friendly, and dynamic group of change-seekers. We value human relationships above all; it's one of the most important aspects of our company. We like to work with others who think the same.


Our services fall into four main buckets: strategic planning, branding, design & development, and digital marketing. Our approach is rooted in brand immersion. Through collaboration and focused action, we work with clients to bring their visions to life. We drill down deep to understand what's at the core of our clients' businesses. We ask the hard questions to obtain a clear picture of their brands. From there, we help articulate clear, compelling, and consistent experiences. Making pretty things is not on our task list. Designing thoughtful experiences that answer real-world business problems is.


Our company produces work that truly communicates. We make things simpler, smarter, more helpful, more beautiful & more fun. We think before we act. And we work with people, not for people.


Ready to get to work?

"We've had a great experience working with the team at WE•DO. They are creative but also process and project-minded. They give you ideas and vision--but keep you on track to hit your goals--sometimes pushing you even when you might have been prepared to let things slip. They are a great partner, and great all-around people."

- Todd Grantham, Hound Labs

"I've been working with WE•DO for years! They have developed and maintained the best website amongst my competitors."

- Paul Wilander, Looking Glass Realty

"The team at WE•DO are great. They are thorough, detailed and act like part of a team, not a vendor. They have done a fantastic job in revamping our website along with boosting our SEO/SEM/PPC efforts. Their planning and execution of the marketing plans/campaigns is great and they provide reporting and other analytics that really give us a better understanding on the performances and KPIs."

- James Bi, Orbograph

"I've worked with WE•DO on several projects and would recommend them to any business wanting to gain control of their web presence."

- Jenny Lynn, Hound Labs, Inc.

"Working with the folks at WE•DO has been a great experience. They are quick to respond to our needs should we have pressing issues and they do a great job in taking our ideas and turning them into reality. They built, and maintain, our website as well as help us with the design and production of our marketing advertisements, in both digital and print media. This has allowed us to integrate both a consistent look and a single-voice message across multiple platforms to our constituents. I recommend working with these folks should you have similar needs in your marketing/branding."

- David Volrath, Brevard College

"OMG, this looks amazing. Thank you for the final updates. The entire package is awesome!!!"

- Joe Gregory, OrboGraph

"Working with WE•DO has been great from the start. They really listened to what we were trying to accomplish, learned about our product and then produced amazing results for us. They made technology approachable for everyone. I suspect other companies have technical skills, but it’s WE•DO who excels because their people speak at your level and support your goals. We’ll never use anyone else!"

- Ken Warren, iFlame / Smoke & Fire / Flame-tec

"From our inception, the creative team at WE•DO has played an essential role in our business planning and development. They designed our logo, our brand message, our website, our job tracking system, and our client communications plan. As 35°North has grown, their organizational consulting has helped us define our long-term goals and connect those goals to our current operations in a meaningful way. For our young, growing company with limited resources for in-house strategic planning, our partnership with WE•DO has been a smart investment in the future of the company."

- Charlie Landreth, 35° North

"Top notch group of creative folks and pretty dang fun to hang out with, too!"

- Michael Bowen, Riseroot

"These folks are great collaborators and can help you grow your brand!"

- David Volrath, Brevard College

"We needed help launching a new product line and were referred to WE•DO. From logo design to website, to e-commerce to SEO the team at WE•DO excelled at it all! Not only are they proficient at their craft, they really listen to what you want and make suggestions to help you reach your goals. We make lots of business decisions, I am happy to say choosingWE•DO was one of our best!"

- Ken Warren, iFlame / Smoke & Fire / Flame-tec

"WE•DO understands the nuances and complexities of producing and executing a data-informed and results-driven integrated marketing plan. They're an integral part of our success, and I'd recommend them to any colleague in higher education or other business that's seeking to increase revenues."

- Chad Holt, Brevard College

"Rarely do you find the right mix of big-picture strategic thinking and sleeves rolled-up execution. We've used WE•DO for multiple projects and it's hands-down one of the most rewarding and enjoyable partnerships we've established."

- Tom Ryan, Supportedly

"WE•DO has been a vital part of my business team. I have really enjoyed their hands on approach to ensure our efforts produce the best and brightest solutions for my clients. The resources and expertise they offer is hard to find in one shop. I am very pleased."

- Ryan Cannon, Entrepreneur

"The WE•DO team is talented, caring, creative, and engaging. They took our loose vision and helped us to clarify where we were going and how to present it via our brand, our website, our book cover and interior figure designs. We are privileged to work in partnership with this team of professionals and consider them more than just a great branding and creative design agency... they are members of our Truventure team."

- Angela Owen, Truventure

"WE•DO... created our website that they have kept in sync with evolving SEO. Their organizational consulting has been valuable to us. They have been with us during our first 6 years to develop goals that connect our operations to our long-term goals. Ryan and Mike are great people to work with. They are enjoyable, careful observers of organizational culture, and will give a thorough assessment of your company and steps forward."

- Charlie Landreth, 35° North

"I have been working with WE•DO for over 10 years. Mike and team don't treat me like a customer - but more like a partner who is invested in growing my business. Not only has he helped me create and sustain a strong online presence, he has coached and guided me into how to turn that presence into profit for my business. I highly recommend WE•DO if you are looking to grow your business."

- Pat Daley, Entrepreneur

"Mike and crew at WE•DO are a versatile and potent team of problem solvers. Having worked with Mike for over ten years, I've come to respect his ability to analyze a challenge (be it marketing, web, digital, SEO or business process) and find ways not only to solve it, but to simplify and automate as well. Mike asks the pertinent questions that really drill down to the "why?" and "what for?" so that the important issues remain important and the tyranny of urgency doesn't take over."

- Phil Davis, Tungsten Branding

"To reduce Mike and his team to problem solvers alone would be an injustice. They are also fun, engaging and a pleasure to work with. I credit a great deal of our progress to the efforts Mike has put into our company's look, feel, site and business model. I recommend reaching out to Mike and his team, and if for no other reason, than to have some great coffee in downtown Hendersonville."

- Phil Davis, Tungsten Branding

"WE•DO has an amazing team producing successful results. Mike has worked with our company for a number of years to build a robust digital marketing strategy that has proven to generate quality leads. He and his team also created the entire look and feel of our brand and website - and as we are a branding company ourselves, this was of the utmost importance. We couldn't be more pleased and we are constantly receiving compliments on it, WE•DO made us look fantastic! With an eye for functional design, creative strategy and efficient processes, WE•DO is the firm I continue to recommend over and over again."

- Liz Hiemstra, Tungsten Branding