Creative Design

Five Minute Friday: Creating Video Content for Your Business

By WE•DO / October 27th, 2020 /

When it comes to creating video content for your business, there are three options to choose from to get started. In this Five Minute Friday video, Taylor, the video producer at WE•DO, gives the pros and cons of each option. 1) Hire a freelance videographer. The pros to this are the flexibility — you can…

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computer screen showing a subtask in the web design process

Web Design Process: The Definitive Guide

By Josh Jones / July 31st, 2018 /

We’ve been building websites for more than a decade. How do we stay consistent across varying projects & clients? By sticking to a web design process that suits everyone’s workflow.   Every web designer has their secret web design process recipe. That recipe, more often than not, is the product of trial and error. As…

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business photography

Business Photography is a Pillar of Your Brand Identity

By Shannon Davis Zaragoza / April 26th, 2018 /

  Visual communication through business photography is an integral part of your brand presence. Imagery is an essential part of any brand identity and plays a key role in visual material produced for business. However, we find that many companies underestimate the power of their business photography within their brand imagery. We want to educate…

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file formats explained

File Formats Explained: Which to Use, When, and How

By Josh Jones / April 6th, 2018 /

File Formats Explained aims to make implementing designs, images, and graphics easy as pie.   We’ve all seen it: the dreaded fuzzy picture on a website. A pixelated printed document. The annoying white background behind a graphic. These hiccups are totally avoidable if you know your file formats. And you need to know them, whether…

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How to Choose the Right Font for Your Small Business Website

By Mike McKearin / November 17th, 2015 /

Every business has a certain personality to it. Many brands are a reflection of the business owner and their personality. Even for small business websites, the challenges can seem daunting. Many small business owners find themselves asking questions they didn’t realize carried so much weight, like how to choose the right font for their website. As…

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Dead Websites Are Scary. Yours Doesn’t Have to be One of Them.

By Mike McKearin / October 30th, 2015 /

In the spirit of Halloween, we whipped up this spooky infographic. Our goal is to help you understand what makes a website dead and why dead websites give people the heebie-jeebies. If you’ve got a dead website, don’t be scared. We can help you bring it back to life! Dead websites are: 1. As unresponsive…

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The Evergreen Platform

By Mike McKearin / October 26th, 2015 /

Being so into branding, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to build and name a custom CMS (content management system) for WordPress sites. We call our new platform “Evergreen” and use it for all of our clients sites, big or small. Why did we build it? We created the Evergreen custom CMS because we couldn’t find…

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