The Foundation of All Our Work

Our creative process takes place around large tables with whiteboard toppers covered in dry-erase marker scribbles. We sit elbow to elbow, constantly interacting with each other. There are no desks or cubicles here. Our office is a reflection and product of our philosophy on collaboration.


This is the foundation of all of our work. There's a problem in seeing employees just as people who work for you and clients as people you work for. We reject the notion of hierarchies in the creative process because empowering people, regardless of their job title, to input their ideas in conversation offers more diversity and imagination when reaching the end-goal. At WE•DO, we're teammates and our clients are our partners. Collaboration, especially in design, pushes people past their own perspective. It is the thread that weaves through everything we do. Within the environment of collaboration, we follow a simple path that keeps us focused on your vision and connected to your values.


First, we immerse ourselves in your project in order to understand your "why." Next, we map out a plan for the project and include all the phase lines that make up the path. Third, we prioritize and focus on which elements are most important, and plan accordingly. The last step in our process is to apply the developed elements and make them live.

4 Core Phases

  • Immerse

    We go beyond simple statistics to see the world through our client's eyes— identifying who they are in real and insightful ways.

  • Map

    We bring together audience insights, business goals and category understanding to yield a unique and actionable approach to your project.

  • Focus

    Together we push beyond what’s expected to explore what’s possible— creating territories and concepts that serve as a foundation for future design solutions.

  • Apply

    We design experiences across media that create an emotional connection and drive consumer action in ways that are truly new and original.