Project Overview

35° North, a name that refers to the latitude line intersecting the region where they work, came to us with a vision to be a different kind of landscape company. What they've built is exactly that. Though local, the brand has often been complimented as being a "big brand."


We've been working in close collaboration with 35° North for nearly a decade, through their naming, website design, collateral material, and overall brand implementation. Their business has always been about quality and client care; our team created advertisements and brand language to convey that message to their consumers. Over the years, 35° North has used nearly every aspect of our services--with excellent results.


Through the utilization of QUAD Model for strategic planning, 35° North is on track for continued growth. 

Project Deliverables

  • Website Development →

    A simple and clean website on the front end, a powerhouse tool on the backend. Their support portal we built is part of their daily activities turning a manual paper process into a digital workflow.

  • Brand Strategy

    We have helped 35° North navigate transitions in their business through continued Discovery and Planning sessions to keep the company on track. 

  • Digital Marketing →

    35° North's commitment to communication is part of what sets them beyond the competition. Strategic digital campaigns have kept customers engaged and draw new clients in. 

  • Design & Development →

    From the name and tagline to the logo and collateral, WE•DO has shaped the look and feel of the brand.

  • Positioning

    We worked with 35° North to find their place in a competitive market and drive the clients they want to their services. 


Responsive Web Design

35° North spends most of their time in the field, so a website that looks great no matter where they are was a must.


Beautiful Online Presence

Through distinctive online imagery and clear brand messaging, 35° North holds a clear distinction in the minds of their customers.


35° North

Collateral Design


35° North

Traditional Advertising


35° North

Branding & Message


35° North

Digital Marketing

"From our inception, the creative team at WE•DO has played an essential role in our business planning and development. They designed our logo, our brand message, our website, our job tracking system, and our client communications plan. As 35°North has grown, their organizational consulting has helped us define our long-term goals and connect those goals to our current operations in a meaningful way. For our young, growing company with limited resources for in-house strategic planning, our partnership with WE•DO has been a smart investment in the future of the company."

- Charlie Landreth, 35° North

"WE•DO... created our website that they have kept in sync with evolving SEO. Their organizational consulting has been valuable to us. They have been with us during our first 6 years to develop goals that connect our operations to our long-term goals. Ryan and Mike are great people to work with. They are enjoyable, careful observers of organizational culture, and will give a thorough assessment of your company and steps forward."

- Charlie Landreth, 35° North