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Project Overview

Central Products was created as an offshoot of an existing company. When they came to WE•DO, they were in need of an identity overhaul at home, in the US,  and abroad in China. Together, through brand discovery and a brand audit, we found what was at the heart of their business. What they got out of our partnership was more than a new identity and brand architecture. Comprehensive design solutions for corrosion experts? Done.


Leaking and burst pipes are a serious problem, and often times unavoidable, for industries all over the world. Central Products' mission is to protect the environment from corrosive chemical leaks. The visuals we created for their brand directly convey that global green initiative. Moreover, the visuals are inclusive of international design sensibilities, which makes CP products appealing on a global scale.


Extensive trademark research was conducted for the multitude of sub-brands within the company's diverse product line. Central Products' presence in the industrial world is reflected in all of their collateral materials. We implemented new designs across their entire line of products, packaging, and website.

Project Deliverables

  • Brand Identity →

    With our assistance, Central Products came into their own and developed a global presence.

  • Graphic Design →

    We designed all of CPs product packaging, collateral, and brand materials to be simple, clean, and legible.

  • Brand Strategy →

    From product offerings to brand architecture, we laid out the scaffolding for their brand structure.

  • Content Strategy →

    Central Products' content had to read simply, clearly, and correctly in multiple languages.


Product Information

WE•DO designed all product packaging, informational materials, and business collateral


Consistent Sub-brands

Central Products offers a wide array of products and we kept the design and styling consistent and attractive across all their industries.


Central Products

International Communication


Central Products

Product Packaging Design


Central Products

Product Sheets & Materials


Central Products