The Evergreen Platform

By Mike McKearin

Being so into branding, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to build and name a custom CMS (content management system) for WordPress sites. We call our new platform “Evergreen” and use it for all of our clients sites, big or small.

Why did we build it?

We created the Evergreen custom CMS because we couldn’t find the tool we needed. We needed a tool that was designed to create impressive and intuitive WordPress websites for our clients. Sure, there are countless WordPress themes out there. But most are either too complicated, aren’t supported, or aren’t fit for rapid implementation.

We needed a growth tool, and it had to be able to adapt to all of our clients’ sites. It had to grow with each business and not need to be recreated from scratch every couple of years. Like I said, that tool didn’t appear to exist. So we built it.

The result? Evergreen.

Evergreen provides a powerhouse tool for simple and intuitive website growth.

What does a custom CMS mean for your site?

Your website should be evergreen—ever-growing. You probably already know this, but continuous growth can be difficult to maintain. It means fresh blog posts, new images, new page layouts—frequently. These updates are time-consuming, and you already have a million other things to do.

We’re betting that one of the following two things is true. Your site has either a) a WordPress theme that was purchased from a theme farm, or b) an out-of-date custom theme. We know we’re right.

Like most small business owners, you probably don’t make site changes as often as you’d like. And when you finally do get to work on your website, you’re left trying to remember what to do and how to do it. The standard website page editor can leave you frustrated, or worse, at a standstill. Not only that, but plugins need regular updating, and new page layouts are left entirely up to you.

With our custom CMS, the Evergreen platform, we’ve cut down on the massive learning curve required by most online editors.

What exactly is Evergreen?

Evergreen isn’t a theme. It’s a platform built on top of WordPress. Evergreen allows us to harness the power and scalability of WordPress (which powers about one quarter of all sites on the internet). With you—the customer—in mind, the Evergreen custom CMS also gives us the ability to hand pick only the best plugins to integrate.

If you sign up with WE•DO, you get all the benefits of the Evergreen platform. Plus, we handle ongoing edits, changes, and design ideas to ensure your site stays relevant and fresh. Trust us—your customers will notice.

What can you do with Evergreen?

For starters, you can create new landing pages with ease. You can also save page templates and designs. Plus, you can edit absolutely everything: content, fonts, colors, photos, videos & layouts. You can do it all—without touching a line of code or relying on your web designer to do it for you.

The Evergreen platform is refreshingly easy to use and the benefits are enormous. For example, you can test out new ideas for your business, like taking a favorite Facebook post and transforming it into a landing page that brings leads to your site.

Evergreen—what’s in a name?

Think of your website like a sapling. It must be flexible for two reasons: first, to bend and root toward the resources it needs to grow, and second, to not break under the force of a strong storm.

But the short answer? Because no matter the season, an Evergreen is green. Your website should follow suit.

And that’s Evergreen, our custom CMS, in a nutshell.

We’re ready to get to work—are you? Drop us a line today to get started!

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