Graphic Design is the Backbone to Each of Our Projects

Being a creative agency, it's rare for us to do any work without creating some new brand graphics. Our graphic design team will develop refreshing and expressive looks, flavors, feels, and concepts for your brand to drive into the modern marketplace. The process usually begins with a handful of rough sketches that eventually take shape in the form of digital assets.


Depending on the project type, we will provide you with a "first look" via wireframes that demonstrate the format of a webpage, ad, or app design. Structure and efficiency are key elements at this point in our process. Once we have the approval of the wireframes, we'll then dive into what we know you're most excited about: visuals. This is where you'll see colors, shapes, and images come together and take their places within your project.


Our goal, as far as graphic design is concerned, is to keep the number of revisions in check while reaching the desired outcome. We manage this by using the right tools and process. We'll use our Mockup Tool to let you view designs and promote collaboration. After your review is complete, our team will jump back in to check for change requests and incorporate them into the new iteration.


  • Mockup Tool

    Our specialized tool for reviewing graphic design projects. Easy to use and saves time.

  • Design Wireframes

    Initial framed out concepts for initial approval before going into full visual design phase.

  • Tools of the Trade

    We are well versed in all Adobe Applications (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign) as well as Sketch 

  • Logo Design

    Your logo is the visual landmark for your brand marketing. We strive to bring your company identity to life through thoughtful designs and a forward-thinking approach.