Let Go of tradition. Choose growth.

Your website is a tool, not just a digital brochure. In this day and age, we have access to incredible amounts of data and insights into our marketing efforts. Your website should be an evolving asset that works for your business. Follow a growth driven design process that leverages the power of continuous improvements, and your company will reap the rewards of a better website.


Traditionally, a website took several months to plan, design, iterate, and develop. Once live, it would sit and eventually die, just to be followed by another overhaul. But times have changed. The growth driven design approach works like this: you start with a launchpad website or simple, focused site without all the bells and whistles, and improve it as time progresses. As each month goes by, the site is further optimized for usability, content, SEO, and reaching goals & KPIs. The iterations run through an agile development process, which keeps the site up-to-date.


Here are a few key differences between traditional & growth driven design:

Traditional Site Design

  • Large time investment
  • Big up-front cost
  • Often takes much longer than anticipated by clients
  • Unpredictable Results
  • Built on opinions
  • Sits stagnant after launch

Growth Driven Design

  • Speed up site launch

  • Investment spread out over time

  • Continuous improvements

  • Ongoing optimization

  • Results driven decisions

  • Higher ROI

Growth Driven Design Deliverables

  • Strategy & Buyer Personas

    To better understand and appropriately market to your target buyers.

  • Website Audit →

    To determine how your users navigate your site and derive value from your content.

  • Website Wish List

    A brainstormed list of ideas prioritized based on what will be included on the new website.

  • Launch Pad Website

    A better-performing but temporary site from which user data is collected and used to optimize your final product.

  • Data Collection

    Using Google Analytics, Hotjar, Moz Pro and a host of other data-driven tools. 

  • Monthly Improvements

    We drive growth with monthly design sprints.

Growth Driven Design Process

Here’s the process we take to continuously improve your website using growth driven design strategies.

  • 1

    Strategic Planning

    Big strategy & tactics, merged.

  • 2

    Launch Pad Website

    Optimization & results, driven by data.

  • 3

    Continuous Improvement

    Month-over-month growth.

STAGE 1: Strategic Planning

Companies big and small sit at the crossroads of complexity & growth. Bringing together design thinking, agile, lean, and other business methods, QUAD Model is an evolved business operating system that's focused on clarity & action.

The Big Picture

This QUAD establishes why you are in business. It acts as your anchor, keeping solutions & improvements connected to your "why." The Big Picture QUAD defines your values, vision, position, and promise.

The Road Forward

This QUAD establishes a pathway get you to where you want to be. That path is informed by the information in The Big Picture QUAD. The Road Forward breaks down your goals into four phases: quarter, 1 year, 3 years, and 10 years.


In this QUAD, we develop action items for your quarter goals & brainstorm ideas about how to accomplish them. The Solve QUAD organizes & chunks out your quarter goals by order of priority.

Action Items

Here, we break down the larger pieces that we want to accomplish. The resulting  actionable items are tied to each larger element. Each item is then assigned to an "owner" & given specific due dates.

STAGE 2: Launch Pad Website

A launchpad site looks better & is designed to perform better than your current website. That said, it’s temporary. We’ll build a launchpad site specifically to monitor & collect user data, then use that data to optimize your new site.

Flexible Content Management

Our flexible templates are designed to be lightweight & completely customizable. The cut-to-fit design of our modular web builder means businesses of all sizes can use it.


Learn more about staying nimble in an ever-growing marketplace.

Page Architecture

Value is defined by need, which can vary depending on your customers & the products or service you offer. Every page we create will be value-focused & user-centered.


Learn more about how we assess the user experience.

Conversion-Focused Design

We test pages & make changes that generate leads. We work to increase the number of users who complete a specific action, like submitting a form or making a purchase.


Learn more about how we design for first impressions.

Analytics & Goal Tracking

We employ a suite of analytics tools to learn everything we can about your site traffic. We discover your users, their behaviors on your site & the keywords that get them there.


Learn more about how we track traffic & goals.

STAGE 3: Continuous Improvement

This process gets repeated on a monthly basis. This repetition helps develop your website further and faster into a robust marketing asset. Attain a more effective website through intentional sprints, continual refinement & growth-focused actions.


We brainstorm & form a hypothesis about what improvements will help you reach your goals. To keep everything on track, we collaborate on creating your wishlist & prioritize it for the next sprint.



Our team will design and wireframe iterations of your launchpad site based on items in your prioritized wishlist. With our mockup tool, your team will be able to provide quick feedback.


At this stage, we will deploy the approved action items to the site. Then we'll ensure QA & testing, marking the end of the current sprint. 


At this stage, we'll dive into the data to see what we can learn about user activities over the past 15-30 days. These actionable insights will inform future growth opportunities.

Example of Continuous Improvement

We use continuous improvement to drive growth for Hound Labs.

Before After