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Project Overview

Hound Labs is a scientific device company that was first in their marketplace to develop a dual THC and alcohol breathalyzer. So much has been accomplished in the time that Hound Labs and WE•DO have been working together. Hound Labs has gone from a startup without a web presence to one of the foremost thought leaders on marijuana-impaired driving. With our brand implementation services, Hound Labs and the Hound Foundation have succeeded in reaching their goal of championing the national conversation on impaired driving.


In an effort to bring this startup to market, Hound Labs has received $8.1M in funding from Benchmark Financial for additional research and development of their dual breathalyzer product. With this generous funding, in addition to our consistent and diligent brand implementation services, Hound Labs is set to achieve their objective of equipping law enforcement officers across the nation with their incredibly innovative breathalyzer technology.

Project Deliverables

  • Website Development →

    We used a continuous improvement approach to develop websites that are as cutting-edge as their technology.

  • User Experience →

    The information we collected from heat maps and user testing allowed us to make data-driven decisions about site design and layout, as well as the user interface for the product itself.

  • Brand Strategy →

    We aimed for consistency and clarification to create brand equity and recognition.

  • Content Strategy →

    Our team collaborated with the Hound Labs team to find the most logical organization of the multitude of content and publicity regarding their product.


The World's First Marijuana Breathalyzer

We have worked with Hound Labs through their entire development process, helping them keep their visuals and message aligned as they developed their product.


Brand Consistency

In a growing brand, consistency can be difficult to manage. We helped the company navigate these transitions and maintain the same look across all platforms


Hound Labs

Press Release Support


Hound Labs

Growth Through Design


User Interface

The Hound Device needed to be simple and intuitive for users ranging from police officers to employers. 

HoundFoundation website and marketing campaign graphics

Hound Foundation

An accompanying foundation aimed to spread their message of safety.

"We've had a great experience working with the team at WE•DO. They are creative but also process and project-minded. They give you ideas and vision--but keep you on track to hit your goals--sometimes pushing you even when you might have been prepared to let things slip. They are a great partner, and great all-around people."

- Todd Grantham, Hound Labs

"I've worked with WE•DO on several projects and would recommend them to any business wanting to gain control of their web presence."

- Jenny Lynn, Hound Labs, Inc.

Growth Driven Design

Success Overview

Continuous Improvement since 2016

From 400 to 2.6K Monthly Visitors

Continuous Improvement over 90 days

11.5K Total Visitors


  • Secure investor funding: Achieved- $8.1 Million from Benchmark Capital
  • Put breath device in hand of every law enforcement officer in North America: In Process
  • Bring first dual marijuana & alcohol breathalyzer to market: Achieved
  • Become #1 thought Leader in marijuana-impaired driving: Achieved
  • Increase brand awareness via Google & media attention: Achieved
  • Increase rankings in Google SERPs: Achieved


  • Investor Form Submissions: 39 per month; 945 over lifetime
  • Main News Agencies Carrying Their Stories: NBC, Fox News, Business Insider, Rolling Stone Mag., TechCrunch, etc.
  • Organic Keywords: 146 in keyword “footprint,” 79 on page 1 in SERPs