How to Choose a Growth Marketing Strategy That Fits Your Needs

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Many companies struggle to get their marketing off the ground because they simply don’t know where to start. With so many options out there, it can feel confusing to know which strategy fits your company’s needs the best. 

One of the ways you can avoid this is by always first identifying your short vs. long-term goals before coming up with any marketing strategy.

As the saying goes,

“If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up some place else.”

—Yogi Berra

It’s so important to know where you want to go before you set out on your journey. We believe it’s just plain wrong to set companies off on marketing rabbit trails without establishing and keeping their chief growth goals in mind. There’s a lot of noise out there — it’s our duty as marketers to help you cut through it. 

Empathy is the basis of our Growth Marketing service. That’s what makes it so impactful.

To help you get the results you want to see, we’ve come up with a simple diagram to identify your goals. Once discovered, we can then formulate effective Growth Marketing strategies around them.

In the middle is your company’s brand. This is where everything flows from and it shows what distinguishes you in your market. Your brand’s mission, feel, voice, look, tone, and unique position all live here. 

The ring closest to the core includes shorter cycle marketing plays such as Search Engine Marketing (PPP and Google Ads fall into this category) and email campaigns. In this realm, you’re going to be able to create quick, high-impact marketing tactics that can be completed in a short amount of time and are easily scalable.  

The next ring out includes website redesigns, social media marketing, and retargeting. You’re going to see results with these marketing plays too, but those will take a longer time to develop and have an impact.

In the farthest ring, you’ll find Search Engine Optimization. SEO works so well because it increases your visibility and helps you get found in the sea of other competitors. But it does take time and needs to steep, so it’s another longer-term play. 

All these marketing strategies will work, but they may not be what your company needs at this particular moment in your journey.

That’s why we always sit down with you to understand who your company is and where you’re headed before helping you choose a Growth Marketing strategy to match. After all, you know your company best. We just know marketing best. Together, we can make something remarkable happen.

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Fully transparent. Rapid testing. Growth minded.

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