Lean Services from a Creative and Digital Perspective

We've taken traditional principles and practices from the manufacturing world and applied them to everyday business, no matter the industry.


Truth is, every business has a process and every process can benefit from continuous improvement. Our lean consulting experts will partner with you and your team and walk you through the process. Together, we'll identify errors, bottlenecks, and wasted resources.


Beyond using the standard Lean and Six Sigma tools, we've developed some of our own systems for making improvements. These systems make up what we call the QUAD Model. This new strategic planning methodology incorporates the best of the toolset and connects high-level strategy with down-to-earth tactics.

Lean Consulting Services

  • Transformational Leaders

    With a wide range of experience in helping large companies, we implement transformation for invigorating growth in every aspect of a business. This impacts the business culture and sets the stage for long-term improvement.

  • Kaizen Coaches

    Kaizen is a powerful tool for team clarity, which is why our team takes it beyond just one event. We utilize the Kaizen methodology to help large companies merge their processes together harmoniously.

  • Lean Marketing

    Lean marketing is about incremental iteration, from the development phase of a project through launch. It's part of our continuous improvement process. What does it mean for you? Non-stop progress. Period.

CIO & Lean Expert

Ryan is the Chief Improvement Officer and a Lean Expert at WE•DO. He has experience in implementing lean systems in all types of industries, from manufacturing, to distribution, to staffing and non-profits.  He's a problem solver by nature and knows how to lead your organization into innovation. As an operational excellence specialist, he relentlessly generates innovative ideas and solutions for all manners of problems.  Ryan uses his innate creativity to drive organizational engagement. He encourages everyone to challenge the status quo in order to make the necessary improvements.

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