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marketing and branding strategies

Marketing and Branding Strategies to Increase Your SERP Rankings

Increasing your search engine rankings is not a one-off task. Marketing and branding strategies built around increasing traffic and authority require constant and consistent effort.   If you’re reading this article, you probably already know that content marketing is a primary way to go about increasing your search engine rankings. As relative marketing and branding…
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man searching for website update information on a computer

Do You Need a Website Update? Find Out Now by Answering These Four Questions.

The most successful online businesses adapt quickly & consistently to reflect a market that’s constantly in flux. Have you completed a website update in the last 6 months? The last year? Two years? …Bueller?   Ok, so maybe your business processes or services and products haven’t changed much in a handful of years. But what…
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computer screen showing a subtask in the web design process

Web Design Process: The Definitive Guide

We’ve been building websites for more than a decade. How do we stay consistent across varying projects & clients? By sticking to a web design process that suits everyone’s workflow.   Every web designer has their secret web design process recipe. That recipe, more often than not, is the product of trial and error. As…
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two people in an office setting discussing marketing process steps

Critical Marketing Process Steps We Follow to Generate Leads

Like so many other companies, we used to struggle to effectively execute the marketing process steps. Continuous improvement strategy changed everything.   Does your organization struggle to follow the process necessary to effectively execute your marketing strategy? When it comes to marketing process steps, sometimes it’s just easier to shoot from the hip. It can…
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person using a book and a computer to find brand development strategy help

A 5 Step Brand Development Strategy for Growth Driven B2B Marketing

A solid brand development strategy can mean the difference between floundering or growing your business 10x. Your brand development strategy is a critical component of your company’s long-term plan for growth. It provides clear insight into your marketing action plans and should be revisited and reviewed frequently. It’s not just a one-and-done project that gets…
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local seo helps grow small businesses in small towns

5 Ways Local SEO Can Increase Traffic To Your Business

Four out of five consumers use search to find local information before purchasing. Whether you’re a consultant, manufacturer, accountant, retail business or coffee shop, you need local traffic to your business. Local SEO can be a driver to bring this traffic to your business. This is critical because local traffic can often be the lifeblood…
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coworkers in an office strategizing performance tools and kpis

Performance Tools and KPIs to Help You Crush Your Marketing Goals

  The business world is all “data, data, data.” Ok, but what does it mean? What goals are those numbers tied to? Choosing the right performance tools and KPIs to measure your marketing goals doesn’t have to be difficult. We can help. Your company has marketing goals, right? So let me ask you something: how…
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b2b buyer persona

10 Questions to Consider When Creating Your B2B Buyer Persona

Your B2B buyer persona is a critical element of supply chain marketing efforts, particularly for inbound marketing.   According to Marketing Insider Group, 93% of companies who exceed lead and revenue goals segment their database by buyer persona. That said, a surprising 60-70% of B2B marketers admit that they don’t truly understand their buyers (source).…
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b2b vs b2c marketing

B2B vs B2C Marketing: Developing a Unique Growth Strategy

B2B vs B2C marketing strategies follow divergent paths to the same goal: connecting with potential leads. If you limit your marketing efforts to the strategy ascribed to your environment, then you’re limiting your growth potential.   This is what led us to break out of the B2B vs B2C marketing battle. Like all businesses, we…
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business photography

Business Photography is a Pillar of Your Brand Identity

  Visual communication through business photography is an integral part of your brand presence. Imagery is an essential part of any brand identity and plays a key role in visual material produced for business. However, we find that many companies underestimate the power of their business photography within their brand imagery. We want to educate…
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digital marketing improvements for manufacturers

7 Digital Marketing Improvements for Manufacturers This Year (2018)

Your competition is gunning for continuous improvement beyond operations. They’re using it for their marketing, too. If you utilize industrial marketing services to apply continuous improvement to your marketing efforts, you’re sure to yield market share growth with minimal investment. At the end of the day, you should be fueling continuous improvement in the digital…
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launching your website

4 Critical Things to Do After Launching Your Website

Launching your website requires a ton of time and energy. Is it ok to sit back and relax after it’s live? As website redesigns go, a good bit of that required time and energy goes toward writing, rewriting, and perfecting content. Then there’s image research, thinking through the user experience (UX), and developing the calls…
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file formats explained

File Formats Explained: Which to Use, When, and How

File Formats Explained aims to make implementing designs, images, and graphics easy as pie.   We’ve all seen it: the dreaded fuzzy picture on a website. A pixelated printed document. The annoying white background behind a graphic. These hiccups are totally avoidable if you know your file formats. And you need to know them, whether…
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b2b marketing mistakes

5 Tips for Avoiding B2B Marketing Mistakes

You need solutions that will help you avoid B2B marketing mistakes. We’ve got you covered. When it comes to avoiding common b2b marketing mistakes, it’s best to start at the beginning. Let’s take a moment to explain what a B2B marketing agency does and what it means to outsourc one. What is an outsourced B2B…
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defining strategy

Defining Strategy

Defining Strategy: A historical perspective of the word that drives QUAD.   Sun Tzu and The Art of War In late 6th Century BCE, as the Spring & Autumn period in Ancient China began tapering off, two divergent philosophies were contending for influence in society. On the one hand, there was the humanistic worldview of…
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The quadRANT

The quadRANT: Expounding on the number 4, a.k.a the magic behind QUAD Model. Four is all around us. As it so happens, four is us, but I’ll get to that a little further along in this quadRANT. Four sets the stage for the wonders and workings of the universe. It also happens to be the…
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what is strategic planning

What is Strategic Planning?

What is strategic planning? To find the answer, we need to know where it came from and what it can accomplish. Businesses big and small sit at the crossroads of complexity and growth. They want simple solutions for complex problems, but desiring simplicity is easier than actually attaining it. So many obstacles clutter the pathway…
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creative paralysis

Creative Paralysis is Caused by Overthinking.

Information overload can cause creative paralysis and stop progress dead in its tracks. Here’s how you can set things straight and keep moving forward. Creative paralysis by analysis is a problem I run into frequently. I want so desperately to move my business and life forward, but feel stuck when deciding my next step. I’ll…
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Our Philosophy on Collaboration

Collaboration is key at WE•DO How do we do business at WE•DO? Our creative process begins at large tables with whiteboard toppers covered in dry-erase scribbles. We sit elbow to elbow at these tables and constantly interact with each other. There are no desks or cubicles here. Our office is both a reflection and a…
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social media tips for small business

3 Powerful Social Media Tips For Business Growth

There’s great opportunity to use social media to grow your business if you’re willing to put forth the effort. Social media tips for small business growth? Done.   A few things we need to talk about before diving into specifics: first off, social media is about people. It’s about connecting and being heard at the…
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positioning your company

Positioning your company to be found.

Who knows about positioning your company to be found? WE•DO. Is your company “the best-kept secret” in your industry? Is your website glitchy or out of date? Are you struggling with the best way to reach your ideal customer? Sounds to us like you’re struggling with positioning your company to be found. And you’re not…
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growth strategy basics

5 Growth Strategy Basics You Should Be Reviewing Constantly

Is your business primed for growth? For most small businesses, the answer isn’t always clear. It’s time to review growth strategy basics.   Planning an actionable growth strategy can mean the difference between developing a sustainable brand or becoming just another statistic. Here are the five growth strategy basics that we focus on when working…
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10 Signs You Need to Update Your Website

If you own or operate a business, chances are you have a website. And at some point, you’ll find yourself wondering, is this site okay the way it is? Is it really doing its best work to support your business and grow your profit, or is it time for an update? That question can be a…
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7 Website Mistakes That Scare Away Potential Customers

We talk a lot about getting visitors to your website through SEO, social media, and other marketing tactics. While these are all important components of your marketing strategy, they won’t do you much good if your customers don’t stay on your website. If visitors don’t stay on your website long—known as having a high bounce rate—it could be because…
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8 Tweaks That Will Help Improve Your Website, Today

If you want to improve your website, there are a lot of big changes you can make. For starters, you can do a complete design overhaul. Or you can change your logos and branding. You can update all your copy and content. Or you can hire an SEO expert to get you to the top…
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Are You Committing These Small Business Website Mistakes?

When you own a small business, your website is a key part of your branding and marketing plan. As customers search for you online, your site helps them find your products and services, get answers to questions, and build a relationship with your brand. But if something about your website doesn’t click for them, then…
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How to Start Getting Results from Your Small Business Website

You’ve got your small business website set up. The main pages are finished: an eye-catching Home page, an About page full of information, a detailed Contact page. Your products and services are there for visitors to see and buy. So you’ll automatically start making sales, right? Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work that way. If you…
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How to Choose the Right Font for Your Small Business Website

Every business has a certain personality to it. Many brands are a reflection of the business owner and their personality. Even for small business websites, the challenges can seem daunting. Many small business owners find themselves asking questions they didn’t realize carried so much weight, like how to choose the right font for their website. As…
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Your Small Business Needed a Customer Email List Yesterday

If you have a small business, chances are you’ve heard of email marketing. But are you actually using it? If you don’t have a customer email list, the answer is probably not. You’re busy with sales, publicity, social media & the dozens of other responsibilities that come with running a small business. So it’s easy to…
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Dead Websites Are Scary. Yours Doesn’t Have to be One of Them.

In the spirit of Halloween, we whipped up this spooky infographic. Our goal is to help you understand what makes a website dead and why dead websites give people the heebie-jeebies. If you’ve got a dead website, don’t be scared. We can help you bring it back to life! Dead websites are: 1. As unresponsive…
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5 Essential Marketing Tips For Small Businesses in Need of Strategy.

If you’re like most business owners, you’re excited about new customers. New customers mean more money, and that’s always a good thing. We all want new customers, but acquiring them means hard work, focused effort & a clear understanding of who they are. Do you need help with your marketing venture? We’ve chunked out the…
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The Evergreen Platform

Being so into branding, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to build and name a custom CMS (content management system) for WordPress sites. We call our new platform “Evergreen” and use it for all of our clients sites, big or small. Why did we build it? We created the Evergreen custom CMS because we couldn’t find…
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6 Tips on How to Make Your Website Searchable & Engaging

Great websites start with searchable and engaging copy that grabs the attention of customers and encourages them to keep exploring. The longer they’re on the page, the more likely they are to contact you or buy your services. Wondering how to make your website searchable and engaging? First, let’s look at some stats. People spend…
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