Project Overview

Tungsten and WE•DO have been teaming up on projects for more than 10 years. Since our early collaborations in web & graphic design, the relationship has developed into an invaluable partnership. Ultimately, our efforts, in terms of marketing for company naming expert Phil Davis, have fueled growth for both companies. Tungsten Branding has now named more than 250 companies across the country. With shared expertise, we've guided & assisted business owners in carrying brand implementation onto websites, social media, and online marketing.


In order to position Tungsten as a thought leader in the company naming niche, we first developed an in-depth digital marketing strategy for continued growth. After thorough research and discovery, we built SEO based on our findings. As a result, 80% of Tungsten's leads now come from their website, found organically through search engine results. In 2017, Tungsten earned a Clutch Global Leader award, emerging from a field of 150+firms to be named a top-five in naming & branding.


Another part of our marketing efforts was to create Tungsten's dynamic visuals. We used the lightbulb as a subconscious cue for inspiration. Tungsten's brand is further signified by a warm, golden-yellow hue. This color perfectly complements the weathered wood, antique bulbs, and pitted metal photo accents. Together, these elements communicate the enlightened approach that Phil Davis and the Tungsten team bring to the brand development process.

Project Deliverables

  • Website Development →

    We developed a clean and approachable visual flavor for Tungsten's website, allowing it to appeal to any type of client.

  • SEO →

    Intentional positioning, research, and SEO implementation have made Tungsten Branding a competitive contender in search engines.

  • Brand Strategy →

    Frequent contact with Tungsten has kept the brand is on track to reach its goals.

  • Content Strategy →

    Language is carefully dialed in to speak specifically to Tungsten's ideal client and to be a voice of authority in the market.

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Simple Communication

Tungsten's message and visuals had to have wide appeal and a clear meaning.


Solid Web Presence

Tungsten Branding needed to have a strong digital presence in order to reach customers nationwide for a niche market.


Tungsten Branding

People-centered and driven by talent


Tungsten Branding

Building a brand with national recognition


Tungsten Branding

Sub-brand support materials

tungsten case study 2

Tungsten Branding

Providing clarity in modern markets

Growth Driven Design

Success Overview

Continuous Improvement since 2011

From 1K to 10K Monthly Visitors

Continuous Improvement over 90 days

25K Total Visitors


  • Be ranked in top 5 naming companies globally: Achieved: #3
  • Generate 5 qualified leads per month: Achieved
  • Publish 5 skyscraper articles per quarter that rank in top 5 for specific keywords: Achieved


  • Getting Started form submissions: 1 per day
  • E-book downloads: 4 per day
  • Organic keywords: 455 in keyword “footprint,” 126 on page 1 in SERPs (search engine results pages)

"Mike and crew at WE•DO are a versatile and potent team of problem solvers. Having worked with Mike for over ten years, I've come to respect his ability to analyze a challenge (be it marketing, web, digital, SEO or business process) and find ways not only to solve it, but to simplify and automate as well. Mike asks the pertinent questions that really drill down to the "why?" and "what for?" so that the important issues remain important and the tyranny of urgency doesn't take over."

- Phil Davis, Tungsten Branding

"WE•DO has an amazing team producing successful results. Mike has worked with our company for a number of years to build a robust digital marketing strategy that has proven to generate quality leads. He and his team also created the entire look and feel of our brand and website - and as we are a branding company ourselves, this was of the utmost importance. We couldn't be more pleased and we are constantly receiving compliments on it, WE•DO made us look fantastic! With an eye for functional design, creative strategy and efficient processes, WE•DO is the firm I continue to recommend over and over again."

- Liz Hiemstra, Tungsten Branding

"To reduce Mike and his team to problem solvers alone would be an injustice. They are also fun, engaging and a pleasure to work with. I credit a great deal of our progress to the efforts Mike has put into our company's look, feel, site and business model. I recommend reaching out to Mike and his team, and if for no other reason, than to have some great coffee in downtown Hendersonville."

- Phil Davis, Tungsten Branding