Project Overview

What started as a fairly cut-and-dry website redesign quickly morphed into a complete overhaul of Brevard College’s marketing materials. Our team became the principal designers and strategists behind Brevard's prospective student marketing efforts. Over time, we have grown to be a vital partner of the Brevard College Admissions Department and greatly increased our capabilities for digital and print marketing for higher education.


Apart from creating an entirely new website for Brevard, we also updated their brand style. This new style was then carried out consistently across the whole of their digital and print presence. We updated their digital ads, brochures, postcards & print collateral, microsites, and more.


Overall, we helped Brevard College refocus and place greater emphasis on measurable marketing efforts.  Because of this, they have been able to explore more effective and efficient marketing opportunities to better reach their goals.

Project Deliverables

  • Website Development →

    We completely rebuilt Brevard's website with a whole new style and layout and made it incredibly easy to use.

  • User Experience →

    We tested how students & parents use the internet to research prospective colleges, then implemented design aspects based on our findings.

  • Content Strategy →

    We worked with Admissions to update content and advertising to speak to the modern college-seeker.

  • Graphic Design →

    We designed dynamic postcards, flyers, posters & brochures to engage prospective and visiting students.

  • Flexible Templates →

    College website are always growing and changing, so their web design had to handle anything they needed to publish.


All-New Website Design

We designed and built an exciting new website for the college featuring easy-to-update tools, a flexible template, and advanced forms for applications & payments.


Print Design

Brevard College uses it's new design to get students "out of the box," seeking to engage with "The Nerdy, The Dirty, The Artsy"


Brevard College

Experiential Academics landing page


Brevard College

Prospective student materials


Brevard College

Social media advertising


Brevard College

Postcard Campaigns

"Working with the folks at WE•DO has been a great experience. They are quick to respond to our needs should we have pressing issues and they do a great job in taking our ideas and turning them into reality. They built, and maintain, our website as well as help us with the design and production of our marketing advertisements, in both digital and print media. This has allowed us to integrate both a consistent look and a single-voice message across multiple platforms to our constituents. I recommend working with these folks should you have similar needs in your marketing/branding."

- David Volrath, Brevard College

"WE•DO understands the nuances and complexities of producing and executing a data-informed and results-driven integrated marketing plan. They're an integral part of our success, and I'd recommend them to any colleague in higher education or other business that's seeking to increase revenues."

- Chad Holt, Brevard College

"These folks are great collaborators and can help you grow your brand!"

- David Volrath, Brevard College