Our Philosophy on Collaboration

Business at We Do takes place around a single table, with a whiteboard topper, covered in expo marker scribbles. Employees sit elbow to elbow at this table, constantly interacting with each other. There are no desks or cubicles here. We Do’s office is a reflection, and a product of, our founding belief—collaboration.

This is the foundation of all of our work. There is a problem in seeing employees just as people who work for you, and clients as people you work for. We reject this notion of hierarchies in the creative process because empowering people (regardless of their job title) to input their ideas in conversation offers more diversity and imagination when reaching the end goal. We like to think of clients as partners and employees as team mates.

Collaboration, especially in design, pushes people past their own perspective.

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Mike McKearin

About Mike McKearin

Owner of WE•DO Worldwide, a creative agency building brands that can be a catalyst for positive change through collaboration and action.

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