Social Media Integration

At WE•DO Worldwide, we believe that social media should be integrated into every aspect of your marketing campaign. Social media integration broadens awareness of your brand and boosts your marketing efforts. We see your site as your anchor in the web. Your social media channels reach out from that anchor. What this means is that the original content you share on a social media platform should always points back to your website.

There are many forms of social media integration, but each ultimately comes down to making your content shareable to as many channels as possible. Based on the functions you ask for, our team takes the time to build these elements into our wireframes. As part of our discovery process, we talk through which social media channels you're on and which make sense to incorporate.


We don't believe in making things difficult. So you can count on us to keep it simple. Our team knows how to identify and integrate based specifically on  where real value exists for you and your visitors. You can count on us to help you understand your audience and make the right connections.


  • Social Sharing

    of blog posts to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

  • Social Media Modules

    that bring in content from various channels like Instagram or Twitter

  • Social Likes

    offer a fast method for visitors to share something they found on your website quickly without leaving your website


25% of small businesses have yet to fully embrace social media


74% of consumers’ buying decisions are influenced by social media


Smart social strategies are 6 times more likely to seal a deal


Over 31% of all website referral traffic now comes from social media