Having a Clear Direction is Critical

In the business world, we hear time and time again that tactics and strategy are separate concepts. We believe differently.

At WE•DO, tactics inform strategy, and vice-versa. Why do we keep them in the same container? So our clients can grasp the "big picture" byproduct of a strategic plan while seeing the real-world impact of smaller tactics, all in the same discovery session.

The old strategic planning tools in the toolbelt are outdated and rusty. They leave companies empty-handed and confused about how to turn their "fifty thousand-foot views" into actions. We've developed a new methodology called the QUAD Model Method to amplify your vision, align it with your goals, and set up the necessary steps to get you there.

The Benefits of QUAD Model

We remember the bad old days: reams of paperwork, long unfocused meetings, and lack of action items. We developed the QUAD Model strategic planning tool to let you get started in 5 minutes or less.

  • Create Value

    Create value by either reducing complexity or grow your business. Our team are experts at finding value and removing waste.

  • Reduce Cost & Risk

    Our Champions are laser-focused on finding opportunities to save on resources. Plus we will train your team to think the same way.

  • Competitive Edge

    QUAD Model brings out your position in the marketplace and pushes you to see your company in a different light. We want to see you take the lead.

  • Fast-paced

    Our methodology was built on the simple premise of fours in order to make things happen fast. Develop and test solutions in 12 weeks.

Creative Agency Services

  • Discovery Session

    The goal of Discovery is to gain a deeper understanding of the current state of your business, brand, and target audience to inform strategy and next steps.

  • Brand Strategy

    Our long-term plan for the growth of a recognized brand that connects with your customer and stands out in a competitive market.

  • Lean Consulting →

    This service comes straight out of its origins in the manufacturing industry. We apply proven continuous improvement tools to all of your processes.

  • Workflow Improvement

    A specific branch of our lean consulting services that incorporates value stream mapping in order to find bottlenecks in your process.

  • User Experience →

    We add value and simplicity by improving the user experience of your website, product, or process. 

  • Website Architecture →

    Up engagement and decrease bounce rate with website mapping.

A new generation of strategic planning

Companies big and small sit at the crossroads of complexity & growth. Bringing together design thinking, agile, lean, and other business methods, QUAD Model is an evolved business operating system that's focused on clarity & action. Here are the sections that make up each step.

The Big Picture

This QUAD establishes why you are in business. It acts as your anchor, keeping solutions & improvements connected to your "why." The Big Picture QUAD defines your values, vision, position, and promise.

The Road Forward

This QUAD, informed by The Big Picture, establishes a pathway get you to where you want to be. The Road Forward breaks down your goals into four phases: quarter, 1 year, 3 years, and 10 years.

Focus & Solve

In this QUAD, we develop action items for your quarter goals & brainstorm ideas about how to accomplish them. The Focus & Solve QUAD organizes & chunks out your quarter goals by order of priority.

Action Items

Here, we break down the larger pieces that we want to accomplish into actionable items. Each of these items is assigned to an "owner" & given specific due dates. Learn more about continuous improvement.


Develop strategic action steps to achieve far-reaching goals


Benefit from our custom blend of new & traditional business strategy


Tackle your pain points head-on with the support of our team


Optimize your workflow to make the most of your time & assets