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We thrive on collaboration & action

Design Agency

We are a fun, friendly, and dynamic group of change-seekers. Above all, we value human relationships as one of the most important aspects of our company, and we like to work with others who think the same.

Our approach is rooted in the immersion of a brand. Through collaboration and focused action, we work with clients to bring their vision to life. We drill down deep to understand what is at the core of your business. We ask the hard questions to obtain a clear picture of your brand. From there, we help articulate a clear, compelling, and consistent experience. Making pretty things is not on our task list designing thoughtful experiences that answer business problems is.

We want to create work that communicates. To make things simpler, smarter, more helpful, more beautiful and more fun. We think before we act. We work with people, not for people.

Ready to get to work?

4 Core Focus Areas

  • Design & Development

    From high-level art direction and brand identity, to project implementation and prototyping.

  • Digital Solutions

    This can include competitor research, SEO analysis, reporting as well as design & development for any brand on the web.

  • Strategic Planning

    Digital workflows, tools, and strategies that drive organizations to succeed in a progressively digital world.

  • Communication

    Brand engagement (internal/external), ad management, and cultural engagement to improve organizations and teams.



Simplified design for 
a streamlined project


Harmony Outdoors

Maintaining quality nationwide
through improved communication


Brevard College

Recreating the visual identity
in print and online



Communicating solutions through
the medium of technology

WE•DO brought excellent ideas and a "can do" attitude to the table--the results speak for the firm's first rate capabilities. I have been thrilled with the numerous compliments I have received on their work. I highly recommend WE•DO and look forward to working with the team again.

- David Geffen [Geffen Advisors]