Application Usability Services

What is "value?" The equation to find it is simple: value is function divided by cost. But in terms of site usability, do you consider "value" from a customer's perspective or your own? Business value is ultimately defined by the needs and desires of your customer. Those needs and desires can vary depending on who your customers are and the types of products or service you offer. No matter the variation, you can't go wrong if you're willing to step into your customers' shoes. We apply this perspective to everything we do, especially in the terms and process of a usability audit.

We use the same approach to software, websites & web-based applications. Our process is extremely thorough and covers everything from discovery with your team to the full presentation of unbiased data from your targeted audience. Our customers look to us to solve compliance issues and to make improvements for user experience. For software in new development stages, we offer alpha and beta testing support using the same process.


  • Discovery Session

    to clarify the design & understand the purpose behind the application

  • Development Team Audit

    in the form of a thorough test in order to, first, understand how the application works at test-time and, second, what tasks the user would accomplish with the application

  • Control Groups

    run in a series in a neutral space and with a relevant sample size of users

  • Comprehensive Report

    of results gathered & presented by our team, along with recommendations for improved usability


Usability testing can yield up to $100 for every $1 spent


Poor software design accounts for about 70% of failed projects


Fixing usability in development costs 10x more than in the design phase


Poor application design leads to a 41% drop in user completion rate