Project Overview

OrboGraph is a software vendor with multiple products and subbrands. When we began working with OrboGraph, we emphasized the need for clarity before designing any of their projects. We had important questions to answer: what is the best way to organize their list of product offerings? And how can these distinct branches of the company work most cohesively into the brand’s identity? We worked with OrboGraph to hammer down a clear brand architecture to be articulated into a new website. From there, we went on to develop a mobile app, create new logos, emphasize website SEO, and create mobile ad campaigns.
OrboGraph now has a brand identity that is consistently manifested across all points of digital communication with cohesive brand and sub-brand style and feel.

Project Deliverables

  • Website Development →

    We created a fresh visual and organizational approach to their website and launched their sub-brands.

  • SEO →

    Search engine optimization was a whole new approach for OrboGraph, increasing click-through traffic to their website by 491%.

  • User Experience →

    We heat mapped their site and tracked click through and web traffic to streamline their customer experience.

  • Brand Strategy →

    The simultaneous launch of two new sub-brands required a calculated strategy to convey the offerings and messaging of the brands to their intended markets.

  • Content Strategy →

    Our teams collaborated to find the most logical organization of the multitude of content and publicity regarding their product.


OrboGraph App

We created a custom app for OrboGraph's annual customer convention. The app included links to resources, an email capture, and even branded games to pass the time for convention goers.


OrboGraph Sub-Brands

The OrboGraph redesign coincided with the launch of two sub-brands, OrboAccess and OrboAnywhere, each with their own palette and styling complementary to the overall OrboGraph brand. 



New Visual Implementation



Content Organization



Responsive Web Design



Search Engine Optimization

"The team at WE•DO are great. They are thorough, detailed and act like part of a team, not a vendor. They have done a fantastic job in revamping our website along with boosting our SEO/SEM/PPC efforts. Their planning and execution of the marketing plans/campaigns is great and they provide reporting and other analytics that really give us a better understanding on the performances and KPIs."

- James Bi, Orbograph

"OMG, this looks amazing. Thank you for the final updates. The entire package is awesome!!!"

- Joe Gregory, OrboGraph