SEO Baseline

A solid SEO foundation is critical for any website nowadays. Optimization forms the backbone for bringing in organic click traffic. Our comprehensive SEO services include an in-depth site analysis to determine what's working and to identify opportunities for improvement. We'll dig deep to understand your brand and find valuable keywords. We'll also tie existing search traffic to the elements of your business that visitors look for the most.


Another part of our SEO services is creating automated reports that pull data from various sources. We use tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Bing Webmaster Tools to offer insights into your site traffic and performance. These reports allow us to collaborate with you on deciding which KPIs are most important to monitor.


For on-page implementation, our brilliant copywriters will set metadata and optimize page content. We'll then offer optimal content creation criteria that can be applied retroactively to existing pages. This will serve as a best practice for all future content creation.


  • Discovery Call

    with a WE•DO digital marketing representative

  • Complete Technical Audit

    of your current website and provide solutions to optimize content

  • Detailed Keyword Analysis

    to implement across all applicable components of your website

  • Custom Future State Sitemap

    for a global view of your website

  • Automated Web Reports

    crafted to show the KPIs that matter most to your business


93% of online activity starts on a search engine


Quality SEO traffic is more likely to convert


Top SEO rankings provide 24/7 promotion


SEO receives 90% more clicks than pay per click ads


  • Monthly Calls

    meet with our team every month to get updates and develop future strategy

  • On Page SEO Updates

    we help to keep things fresh and apply your SEO strategy to new pages and posts

  • SEO Report Optimization

    we will regularly review your reports and make changes as your KPIs change

Monthly SEO Strategy

Once we've completed the baseline, we'll schedule regular calls to review the data reports. This will ensure continual optimization and that we're moving in the right direction. We'll continue to make data-driven, on-page adjustments and discuss future SEO strategies.


Access more than twenty data sources, including Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Search Analytics from Google Search Console (GSC), Bing Ads, Twitter, Facebook, and more! Below we list possible KPIs to include in your reports:

  • Overview of Traffic
  • Referrals
  • Landing Pages
  • Social Network Referrals
  • Events
  • Google Analytics - Goal Tracking
  • SERP Rankings
  • Search Analytics - Queries
  • Visitor Engagement
  • Exit Pages
  • Competitor Manager
  • Site Performance

SEO Pricing

We've packaged our SEO services into three simple plans: Basic, Business, and Enterprise-level. The size of your site is generally what determines which plan you should use. The greater the number of pages and posts, the more work there is to be done.

SEO Basic


  • SEO Site Discovery

    We'll have you fill out a comprehensive intake questionnaire so we can learn about your business and start developing our strategy.

  • Keyword Research

    Next, we'll pick keywords from your questionnaire and organize them into buckets, then research another 40 keywords to fill up those buckets.

  • Baseline

    In the next step, we'll audit, identify, and build out an optimization baseline of up to 25 pages and posts.

  • On-Page Implementation

    The keywords we research will then be applied to your pages, along with other necessary metadata. We'll also identify content readability issues and reign in your site speed by compressing images and scripts.

  • Monthly Content Suggestions

    We'll identify unique, relevant, and valuable content to use for building out 1 new page or post per month.

SEO Business


  • SEO Site Discovery

    You'll fill out the same comprehensive intake form that we use for our Basic SEO plan discovery. This is where our strategy begins.

  • Keyword Research

    We'll pick keywords from your questionnaire, organize them into buckets, and research 80 keywords to fill those buckets up.

  • Baseline

    Larger sites usually have longer histories, which means more pages that require more work. We'll perform a site audit and then build out a baseline of up to 100 pages and posts to be optimized.

  • Site Clean-Up

    Part of optimizing means ridding your site of dead weight. We'll identify and remove old, valueless metadata, content, and pages.

  • Content Suggestions

    Every month, we'll identify highly relevant and valuable content that is unique to your marketplace. This will serve the purpose of creating 2 new pages or posts or refreshing 2 existing pages or posts.

SEO Enterprise

Please call us for details about Enterprise-level SEO if your site has more than 100 pages that need optimizing. 

SEO Case Study: Hound Labs

See how we've helped businesses achieve their goals by gaining visibility and traction through SEO.

Growth Driven Design

Success Overview

Continuous Improvement since 2016

From 400 to 2.6K Monthly Visitors

Continuous Improvement over 90 days

11.5K Total Visitors


  • Secure investor funding: Achieved- $8.1 Million from Benchmark Capital
  • Put breath device in hand of every law enforcement officer in North America: In Process
  • Bring first dual marijuana & alcohol breathalyzer to market: Achieved
  • Become #1 thought Leader in marijuana-impaired driving: Achieved
  • Increase brand awareness via Google & media attention: Achieved
  • Increase rankings in Google SERPs: Achieved


  • Investor Form Submissions: 39 per month; 945 over lifetime
  • Main News Agencies Carrying Their Stories: NBC, Fox News, Business Insider, Rolling Stone Mag., TechCrunch, etc.
  • Organic Keywords: 146 in keyword “footprint,” 79 on page 1 in SERPs

SEO Case Study: Tungsten Branding

Growth Driven Design

Success Overview

Continuous Improvement since 2011

From 1K to 10K Monthly Visitors

Continuous Improvement over 90 days

25K Total Visitors


  • Be ranked in top 5 naming companies globally: Achieved: #3
  • Generate 5 qualified leads per month: Achieved
  • Publish 5 skyscraper articles per quarter that rank in top 5 for specific keywords: Achieved


  • Getting Started form submissions: 1 per day
  • E-book downloads: 4 per day
  • Organic keywords: 455 in keyword “footprint,” 126 on page 1 in SERPs (search engine results pages)