Growth Marketing Experiment #35478

Rearrange Landing Page Layout Items

Experiment Details

Landing pages are an integral part of marketing and it is essential for businesses to have high-converting ones. Sometimes, you may find that your current landing page layout isn’t working as well with conversion rates; this could be because the way images or copy appear on these sites can make a difference in whether someone converts into subscribers/customers! With A/B testing tools like Google Optimize at our disposal nowadays we’re able to get quick insights about how different changes will affect conversions so adjustments need only happen once rather than constantly trying new things until something sticks (which never really works anyway).

How to measure

Use Google Optimize to see what layout options work better than others on your landing page. Google Optimize provides success metrics based on 3 goals that you can choose. Common metrics we use are bounce rate, page duration, and goal conversions.

Funnel Stage:

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Fully transparent. Rapid testing. Growth minded.

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