6 Tips on How to Make Your Website Searchable & Engaging

Brand Graphic - Leaf Yellow
Brand Graphic - Leaf Yellow

Great websites start with searchable and engaging copy that grabs the attention of customers and encourages them to keep exploring. The longer they’re on the page, the more likely they are to contact you or buy your services. Wondering how to make your website searchable and engaging? First, let’s look at some stats.

People spend 21% of their time online searching for information, and 20% of their time reading content on websites. This says two things. First, people spend as much time weeding through search results as they do actually absorbing content. Second, a lot of search results won’t make the cut to the reading stage.

If you’re asking how to make your website searchable, then you already know your site needs to stand out among the stream of search results. To stand out, your content must be engaging enough to keep customers interested long enough to digest the information. In order to engage, that content must be searchable.

Here are 6 super quick tips on how to make your website searchable.

1. Be brief.

Visitors to your site will most likely scan rather than read word for word. So make sure all your sentences are short. If you can say something in 5 words rather than 10, go for the 5 word sentence. And paragraphs shouldn’t be more than two or three sentences.

2. Start with the important stuff.

Scanners most likely aren’t going to read what’s at the bottom of the page. Knowing this, be sure they can get the most important information right up front.

3. Use subheadings.

Subheadings break up your content into manageable pieces. You can also break up your content by using quotes and bulleted or numbered lists. They make your content readable and appealing to search engines.

4. Infuse personality.

The copy on your site is a conversation between you and your customers. So talk to them! Remember, you’re writing directly to your ideal customer. So use words like “you” and “your” to make it feel personal. Depending on your industry, you can take a light-hearted tone and use humor to relate to your audience.

5. Don’t make them think.

After weeding through all those search results, your customers are going to be exhausted. Make sure your site has enough blank space to break up the text into sections or pages for an intuitive navigational flow. You don’t want your customers to have to continue searching to find what they’re looking for once they get to your site.

6. Optimize.

Search engine optimization doesn’t have to be a big, scary thing. Just make sure you know which keywords hold the most potential for your services. Use Google’s Keyword Planner to get suggestions and use them in blog posts, industry articles, infographics or any other content on your site.

Just be sure to make them sound natural—don’t overdo it. Search engines reward sites that provide valuable content to users. Content gives you material to share on social media. It’s a win-win!

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Need more help on how to make your website searchable?

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