Modern & Attractive Web Design

We seek simplicity over complexity. What this means is that we don’t do web design in a vacuum. So instead of jumping right into a site redesign project, our first step is to run a heatmap usability test of your current site. Heatmaps are incredibly useful tools. They tell us what your users care about the most and what they don't care about at all. And once we have a good understanding of how people interact with your site, we can then determine what changes need to be made.


With your heatmap results in mind, we'll begin building out the look of your new site. The first steps in the pre-development phase are to discuss strategy and then to wireframe your redesign during our Discovery Session. Discovery allows us to simulate and then analyze your site from functional and visual perspectives. And because we know that mobile device usage grows every day, we take a mobile-first approach to wire-framing. The next step is to move into the creative design phase, where we source and utilize your images or provide them to you through our agency's photography service.


Your website should be an experience for every user, not just another site. This is what we desire for all of our clients. Let's design that experience together.


  • In-Person Discovery Session

    to discuss strategy and simulate a walk-through of your website from visual and functional perspectives

  • Mock-up System

    that is easy to use for leaving comments/content suggestions and designed for revisions

  • Mobile-First Design Perspective

    to ensure the best user experience possible in a mobile-oriented world


Sensible structure with the visitor’s experience in mind


Effective visual communication of your brand and message


2/3 of people would rather read beautifully designed content


38% of people will stop engaging with a website if layout is unattractive