Growth Marketing Experiments

Growth marketing experiments are a great way to drive growth for your business. Through rapid experimentation of various marketing tactics, you can test a wide range of marketing channels and find what works for your business. 

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Increase the font size on blog posts to increase engagement

Test various sizes of your text to see if a larger font size will increase engagement. Bump text ...
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Add keywords to the URL path in Google Adwords

The "Path" fields are part of your display URL inside each ad (the green text under your headline ...
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Add content to pages ranking between 4 and 10 in the search engines

By isolating the pages that rank between positions 4 and 10 you can increase your chances of pushing ...
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Social Test: Add an email signup link to all social profiles

Add an email signup link to each social profile bio, with each link having its own unique UTM ...
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Remove hero sliders to increase page speed and simplify the content

Hero sliders add visual interest to a page but are not always the best idea. Sliders are usually ...
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Reduce the number of form fields to reduce “form friction”

Having too many fields on a contact form might decrease its engagement. To improve your forms, reduce the ...
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Paid Ads Test: Match landing page with ad messaging/creative

Use your landing page to expand upon the information already provided in your ads. Incorporate similar graphics/styling in ...
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Headline copy A/B split testing

The first line of text on a web page is known as the headline. The better your headline, ...
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Use exit-intent pop-ups to boost user retention or capture user information

Exit-intent popups are a method of catching the attention of potential consumers who are about to leave your ...
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CTA Test: Place your CTA on the right side of a landing page

By placing your CTA button and/or form on the right side of the page above the fold. This ...
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